As President of the United States from 1977 to 1981, Jimmy Carter sought to His 1975 autobiography, Why Not the Best?, introduced Carter to a wider public.

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Jimmy Carter: The Longest Life Of Any President — Or Any ... 22 Mar 2019 By Gerdeen Dyer Former President Jimmy Carter, a Georgian, is in the news for a health milestone: As of Friday, he has lived longer than any  Jimmy Carter Becomes The Longest-Living President In U.S. ... 22 Mar 2019 The 94-year-old has overtaken the title from former President George Former President Jimmy Carter is no longer just the oldest living U.S.  Jimmy Carter gets new title: oldest living former president

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But at his core and central to everything he's done throughout his life, Jimmy Carter is a man of faith. And that is the subject of his new book, "Faith: A Journey For 

Jimmy Carter gets new title: oldest living former president

16 Jun 2016 Jimmy Carter has some suggestions for the next American president and you had to design a service life [for yourself], what would you do, 

1 Oct 2019 Jimmy Carter is ringing in his 95th birthday on Tuesday -- becoming the history in March when he exceeded the lifespan of former President  Incredible things Jimmy Carter does at 95 - Insider